About Child Custody

Our Houston Child Custody Attorney Represents Parents for All Situations Concerning Children

There is no area of law more emotionally distressing than child custody. At the Law Firm of John K Grubb & Associates, P.C., we understand the extreme stress and worry that parents experience when faced with an adversarial child custody case. Our firm works with parents to negotiate child custody arrangements with the best interests of the child in mind. If parents cannot agree to a settlement, then our experienced attorney is a skilled litigator and is ready to argue each client’s case before a judge. Do not go to court on a child custody case alone; have skilled and knowledgeable Houston child custody attorney John K. Grubb at your side.

Why You Need an Attorney

Child custody cases are intricate and involve a high level of emotional distress. What is in the best interests of a child is a complicated decision for a judge, and a parent who is seeking custody must have a qualified attorney to properly present and argue their case. Contact our Houston child custody lawyer to discuss all the custody arrangements available for your family’s specific situation. Parents should not go to court alone when they are facing a child custody battle. John Grubb is dedicated to helping parents and their children by providing the best possible legal representation for all child custody issues.

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