Changing Texas Child Custody Arrangements

Information Provided by the Houston Family Lawyers at John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C.

Photo of Changing CustodyWhile child custody arrangements are initially decided upon immediately following a divorce, these arrangements may be modified over time. Circumstances of the parents or the children may change over time and, as a result, a Houston child custody lawyer can assist you in modifying your child custody arrangements if you wish.

Reasons for Changing Custody Arrangements

Typically, one of the parents must demonstrate that the conditions have changed substantially since the last child custody order. Such a change in circumstances may consist of a parent moving out of state or it may be a negative factor in the child’s environment, such as improper supervision. Some of the other reasons for changing a child custody arrangement include:

  • Changes in one parent’s work schedule
  • Conflicts between a child and a parent or step-parent
  • A request by the child to live with the other parent, if it is demonstrated that the child is making the request of his or her own will and not as a result of bribery or coaching by one of the parents
  • Parental relocation

Additionally, if both parents agree to alter a child custody arrangement, no court intervention is necessary and the child custody arrangement can be changed by the parents. However, the parents should still follow the proper procedures to have the custody order changed so that it is enforceable.

The Process for Changing Custody

Either parent may file a motion to modify the child custody order at any time. Once a motion is filed, the court will consider any changes in circumstances and, if such changes are considered substantial, the custody order may be modified. If the parents agree to a change in custody, the court will simply enter an order modifying the custody arrangement as the parties have agreed. Once a custody order is modified, it is fully enforceable and both parents must abide by its terms.

If you are facing a change in circumstances and need to amend your current child custody arrangement, don’t violate the current custody order. Instead, contact the Houston child custody lawyers at Grubb & Associates, P.C., to assist you in modifying the child custody order. We can create a convincing petition to modify the agreement and help you through the modification process. Contact a Houston family lawyer at Grubb & Associates, P.C., today to discuss your child custody issues.

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