Houston Custody Order Interference Information

Photo of Court RoomChild custody issues can be sensitive and difficult to face. However, at the Houston divorce law firm of John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C., we strive to work out your child custody issues for you, so that the divorce process will be easier to handle. With a team of skilled Houston child custody lawyers and years of experience dealing with child custody and other divorce issues, we have what it takes to help you enforce your child custody agreement.

Dealing with Custody Order Interference

If you have already entered into a child custody arrangement, but your former spouse is interfering with the court order, either by failing to pay child support or by refusing to abide by the visitation guidelines, you should bring an enforcement action against him or her. Child support and child custody are separate issues so, if your spouse fails to abide by the custody order, you should NOT refuse visitation or child support. Instead, you should continue abiding by the custody order and allow the court to enforce the contract.

Interference with a child custody order can have severe and long-lasting consequences:

  • Failure to pay child support can lead to contempt charges and the garnishment of wages
  • Multiple occurrences of failing to pay child support can lead to jail time
  • Refusing to allow the non-custodial parent visitation in accordance with a custody order can also result in contempt charges and other civil or criminal sanctions

Because of these severe penalties, it is important that you make sure you continue to abide by the custody and support agreements.

Helping Our Clients Enforce Child Custody Orders

If you have encountered custody order interference, you need a team of Houston family lawyers that you can count on. At our firm, we are experienced in enforcing child custody orders and we strive to make the enforcement process as simple as possible, so you can focus on caring for your children. Contact the Houston child custody lawyer at John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C., today for help with enforcing your child custody agreement.

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