Introduction into Houston Child Custody Law

Photo of Custody AgreementA divorce is almost never an easy or painless process; however, when you add children into the equation, the process can be that much more stressful and destructive. When looking for a Houston child custody attorney, you need someone that will sit by your side and carefully and thoroughly explain your options. If the custody battle starts to get messy, you need an aggressive attorney who will fight for you and for what is in your child’s best interests. If you want a lawyer who can do both, contact the Houston child custody lawyer at John K. Grubb & Associates today to set up a consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation.

As a Houston child custody attorney, I have found that parents that are willing to take parenting classes during a separation are more likely to be able to work together to decide what is in the child’s best interest. Whether or not this will work for your particular situation, I am available to help. Don’t go to court unprepared and alone; let me help you and your child.

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